About Us

In conformity with the Kingdom's vision 2030; we must always seek to be one of pioneers on our field, equipped with continuous development of our performance in line with our ambition's and thankfully, we have become of the distinguished offices in the fields and technologies of surveying engineering throughout depending on engineers' staff and specialists with high qualifications in survey works, hydrological studies, remote sensing, geographical information systems, and navigation systems by using satellite technology and implementing the projects with the highest efficiency, based on that the specialization is the basis of success Since the establishment New Technology Engineering Consulting Office in 1428 h, the office maintains its relationship with the professional community throughout preserving its projects.

Our Services

Topographical and Detailed Survey

Matching Title Deeds and Preparation of Surveyor Reports

Ehkam Reports

Survey Report

Divide and Consolidation of Land

Control Points

Calculating Quantities

Subdivision Services Housing

Preparing Planning Ideas and Land Management

Surveying Works and Designing Roads

Hydrological studies

Disclosure of Infrastructure Services

Visual Survey and Data Collection

Geographic information systems and remote sensing

Drones Survey

3D Scanning